I felt like a stranger in my own world after I came home.  Five weeks, nine months, had forever altered me.  I know who I am now more than I did then.  The self-created me is… Continue reading


The sky drooped low for one week, making the entire town dark and moody.  Rain fell all day, ruining laundry lines and plans to swim or walk.  It was the week before classes started, and… Continue reading


 Lucie was letting Deena into her life more and more each day, and Deena wasn’t certain if she wanted to be there or not.  She felt, at times, enormously privileged to be with her… Continue reading


Summer was particularly hot and muggy, but the nights were cool and moist.  In the morning, the trees outside of Lucie’s window dripped with dew and rain.  Auralia had once told Lucie that a young… Continue reading


The girls snuck out of the back door, which wasn’t easy to do with Lucie’s wings threatening to knock over everything in their path.  Lucie felt the pins burning at her back, narrow trails… Continue reading


I. One thousand miles away, Auralia was sitting in her garden, resting underneath a particularly large clingstone peach tree. The shade of the leaves felt like paradise.  June had been a month of… Continue reading


Each day drew hotter than the last, until the air was so heavy that birds ceased flying and blossoms mourned for honeybees.  Gardens dried up; their flowers’ heads bent towards the ground, weak… Continue reading


I. “There you are,” Alex exclaimed, as Lucie burst through the front door, throwing heat inside the house, which had been gradually cooling in its darkness. “Here I am,” Lucie agreed, smiling, kissing… Continue reading


I. Lucie refused to tell Deena why the man on Blythe Drive deserved his punishment, other than repeating that he had hurt someone she knew.   Deena noticed, however, that Lucie was extra cautious… Continue reading


I. Grief did odd things to people.  Alex had felt numb and hopeless when Lucie went missing, and even more so when she came home.  Lucie had become moody and distrustful.  Deena, who… Continue reading